Mission Statement

Enriching Online Human Engagement with Fun & Energizing Activities

How it Started

The need for the Virtual Ice Breakers service was created when a deficiency was identified several years ago in the remote office world. In many corporations, physical team meetings often include an ice breaker to energize the group.

Why should online meetings be any different? Prior to Virtual Ice Breakers, the only method of doing a team building ice breaker exercise was to manually find an activity, prepare it, circulate to team and execute the activity. After working many years with remote staff around the world, Gerard Beaulieu, founder of Virtual Ice Breakers, decided to make a change. He formed Barefoot Innovations LTD. and created an environment with multiple online games that can be simultaneously enjoyed by teams anywhere in the world.  Located in beautiful Calgary, Canada, Barefoot Innovations shares its presence with many other high tech companies.

Virtual Ice Breakers